The Perfect Fit for Your Clothes


E&N-blog-photoMost clothing is made to fit the average range for a particular size. The problem is that there really is no such thing as average when it comes to body size. One person has slightly broader shoulders than another, one has a longer upper body, and height definitely comes into play as well. In addition, arm length and neck size need to be considered. What that says is that while two men may both take a size 40 jacket, the same jacket could fit both men very differently. That’s where tailoring comes in.

When you invest in a piece of clothing, you’re investing money in your own look and presentation. When you need to make a good impression, poorly fitting clothing is not the way to start. You need to find and develop a relationship with a good tailor who can make all of your clothes fit like they were made just for you. Here are some guidelines for how clothing should fit.

Shirt Collar: This should be proportioned to not look too long or oversized, but still be big enough to accommodate a tie.

Top Shirt Button: A higher top button draws attention to the face and brings the eye upward.

Shirt Pocket: The pocket should be placed so that it falls properly on the chest.

Torso: A shirt should be fitted so that it appropriately accentuates the torso.

Shirt Sleeve: Narrow cuffs and a higher armhole are the latest in modern style. Cuffs should end where the wrist meets the hand, and should not be long enough to cover part of the hand.

Pant Length: The bottom of a pair of slacks should fall to just about the shoe. Pants that are too long make the wearer look shorter.

Waist Band: The waist band should be curved with a split of about half an inch in the back, allowing for more comfortable movement.

Do you have clothes that you love, but that just don’t fit right? Let us help. Visit E&N Custom Tailor at 1 Elm Street in Morristown, NJ or call us at 973-539-6686.

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