About Us

Esref Yaman’s love of fine clothing started when he was just seven years old. After his school day in Turkey ended, the young boy would go to work in a tailor shop. At the time, he made baby clothes. Esref’s formal career began in 1960, when he became a custom tailor. Even though his talent was clear from a very young age, Esref went to Paris to study and learn the finer points of custom tailoring. After he finished his education, Esref opened a shop in Turkey, where he worked on his own tailoring fine clothing. While it was not difficult at that time to find a tailor, it was not easy to find one as talented at his work as Esref. Customers flocked to him because of his dedication to making sure each and every garment fit its owner perfectly.

Esref eventually found his way to the U.S., and worked in New York City before opening his shop in Morristown, New Jersey in 2006. He has since been named as best custom tailor by The Daily Record, a Morris County newspaper, multiple times.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to serve our customers with the best tailoring and the highest fashion clothing, all in the comfort of our friendly neighborhood shop in Morristown, NJ.

Our Mission

We want to provide every customer that walks into our shop with the perfect article of clothing. Whether it is fitting something they have purchased at another retailer, or selling them our high fashion pieces, we want every customer to leave our shop feeling highly satisfied that they have an outstanding piece that fits them perfectly.